Adventure, Adventure


Something that I’ve wanted to do since arriving in Germany has been to dance Nia. Just one time would be enough, I figured, but I had to make it happen. Today, after a lot of late-night Internet searching and planning on Google Maps, I decided to go for it—there appeared to be TWO Nia classes on Wednesday afternoons in Karlsruhe, and it’s not all that far away…



The train ride went smoothly, and the city was quite beautiful—but, unfortunately for me, there was no one at the Dojo when I arrived. After some more Internet searching, I learned that the 4:15 class doesn’t start until September! This discovery prompted further exploration of the city, since I had nothing else to do until 6pm, when the next Nia session was supposed to take place. But it wasn’t all bad—I saw a lot of pretty buildings, spent some time in the public library, and strolled through a really lovely city park!

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Turns out what I’d hoped was an afternoon Nia session was actually a 90-minute “yoga” class, but one that involved a lot of deep breathing and slow, gentle movements. On the dark blue mats of the studio, in the soft glow of pink salt-crystal lamps, with birds singing outside and rain pouring down onto green leaves, I spent a couple of the most relaxing hours I think I’ve had since coming to Europe. All in all, the adventure was totally worth it!

I’m still determined to find some Nia, though.

I’m still determined to find some Nia, though.




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