On to London, on to Home


Where to start? For the past week, I’ve been staying with a cousin (my first cousin once removed, on my dad’s side of the family) in Standish, a tiny rural “village” in the west of England. Today I fly home out of London Heathrow, back to the familiar streets of Ann Arbor and the well-known terminals of Detroit Metro Airport. A few days ago I was in London; a week ago I was leaving Germany to start this next and final leg of my travels. There’s still so much left to say.

In this trip, I did as much as I possibly could, spending a day in France, a beautiful weekend in Italy, and many days practicing and solidifying my German. This week, I’ve done my best to cope with the subtle differences between American and British English, and I saw as much of London as could be packed into three days there. I met up with an exchange student I knew from my freshman year of college, and crashed in an American friend’s hotel room with about a week of advance planning. Everything came together perfectly, and all at the last minute, as things tend to do.

This trip has had so many ups and downs, and has challenged me and forced me to grow in so many new and different ways. I could have easily passed these months in Ann Arbor—instead, I’ve had the adventure of a lifetime. I’ve built new connections here, and worked with those I had. And—I’ll miss it. The friends I made and met up with here, the international nature of Europe as a whole, the chance to speak high-level German on a daily basis. I wish it didn’t have to end.

Never fear, though—there are travel grants and unique course offerings at my University that may be just what I need to get myself back over the Atlantic sometime in the coming year. I don’t know exactly what’s waiting for me when I get home, but I know there’s still plenty to be seen in the States. And whatever else happens, now that I’ve had a taste of Europe—even just a small one—I know one thing for sure. I AM coming back.

Okay, enough with the sentimental rambling. Here are the photos of England that you’ve all been waiting for!

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Thanks for reading.




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